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Gregory James Dwyer: Criminal Defamation

Gregory James Dwyer, born in Sydney in May 1983 has been involved in criminal defamation against Comlife Investments.

In December 2012 Gregory James Dwyer has approached the management of Comlife Investments in Sydney in order to receive funding to establish his private hedge fund. In January 2014 Gregory s brother, Timothy Dwyer has contacted the management of Comlife Investments and informed that it would be too risky for Comlife Investments to hire Gregory James Dwyer. In January 2014 Comlife Investments has performed in depth due diligence on Gregory James Dwyer and found that the individual has been previously involved in inappropriate activities. His previous employer indicated that Gregory Dwyer has breached many internal policies and was in breach of his employment contract. In March 2014 Comlife Investments has refused to do any dealings with Gregory James Dwyer. Comlife Investments has refused to invest money in his hedge fund venture and did not hire him. Since that time Comlife Investments and related companies have experienced enormous amount of problems due to ongoing defamation. Gregory James Dwyer has posted numerous negative comments online under various profiles about Comlife Investments indicating that the company had no offices. Gregory James Dwyer had visited our offices multiple times. Gregory James Dwyer has posted that Comlife Investments owes money to him, Comlife Investments never did owe any money to him. Gregory James Dwyer has contacted financial regulators under different profiles in Europe and Asia and posted outrageous and falsified statements.

Comlife Investments has never been engaged in any illegal business.

In 2013 Gregory James Dwyer has moved from Hong Kong to Singapore in order to escape the prosecution by his previous employer. We have been informed that recently in 2015 Gregory James Dwyer escaped to the Unites States to avoid further prosecutions by Comlife Investments and his previous employer.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission Warning

CySEC warning was issued against Comlife Investments in June 2014 after Gregory James Dwyer provided the Commission with falsified statements. Comlife Investments management have contacted Cyprus Stock Exchange Commission multiple times and provided the Commission and the Chairman with proofs that the issued warning was inappropriate. Comlife Investments has never received any response from the commission in Cyprus. We have decided to close down Comlife Investments in Cyprus. Gregory James Dwyer s criminal defamation was an ongoing activity. Comlife Investments have contacted other regulatory bodies in Europe and the warnings were taken down. Gregory James Dwyer has tried to do further damage to Comlife Investments by positing falsified statements to regulators in Asia.